Because success takes more than just a pretty face

You'll like the makeover we've given our solutions. 美观、自然、使用便捷。 But we both know it takes more than pretty-faced technology to handle source-to-settle complexities efficiently and effectively up and down your supply chain.

That takes the SAP Ariba Total User Experience.整体用户体验可为您提供特有的工具组合,让您获得与交易合作伙伴共同探索、交流与合作以及快速做出明智决策以加速并提升业绩所需的适当协助。这种创新体验可提供……

  • apps that deliver mobile-specific capabilities while enabling seamless switching between desktops and devices
  • embedded templates, guides, and videos to provide help and learning in-context
  • built-in access to a knowledge-sharing community of your peers
  • a highly intuitive interface that dramatically simplifies tasks and processes


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The SAP Ariba User Experience represents the next generation of SAP Ariba solutions, delivering the innovation and agility you expect from cloud delivery. 欢迎咨询我们,了解您的企业应如何更加便捷高效地开展工作,通过精简商务解决方案创造更大价值和更多利润。 

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